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CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9

CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9

    • CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9
    • CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9
    • CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9
    • CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9
  • CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine
    Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
    Model Number: SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
    Packaging Details: Standard export packing
    Delivery Time: Within 1-2 working days upon receipt payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
    Supply Ability: 500pcs/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Keywords: SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine, Car Key Cutting Machine, Auto Key Cutting Machine Function: SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine
    Weight:: 20kgs Package:: 48cm*35cm*42cm
    Latest Version:: V16.0.0.4 Multi-Language:: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech.
    Update: Online Free

    SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine Get Free Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clam

    SEC-E9 Description:

    SEC-E9 portable metal desktop air cooling fully automatic smart key cutting machine is able to cut standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, HONDA, OPEL,etc, SEC-E9 also supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys. Ford Tibbe keys and LDV keys are available to cut. SEC-E9 is a good choice for locksmith since you do not need to buy other small key cutting machines for house keys, just need to buy the corresponding clamps for different key types. Moreover, SEC-E9 can cut a new key without original key. It is the main difference from the traditional manual key cutting machine.

    Top 10 Reasons to Get SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine:

    1. Latest Version: V16.0.0.4 Newly added key data includs: Scion, Toyota, Lexus, Renauit, Nissan, Acura, Subaru, Chrysler
    2. Can directly search key bitting number by key code for some keys. No need to search from Instacode
    3. Support all key lost, can cut a new key by bitting number
    4. Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech.
    5. Can cut veritcal milling, flat milling, internal milling and external milling.
    6. Work on Car, Truck, Motorcycle, House Key, Dimple & Tubular Keys, cut automobile keys,motorcycle keys ,dimple keys, tubular keys, and single-sided standard keys.
    7. Can cut Tibbe keys and LDV keys
    8. Auxiliary Clamp is available
    9. CE Approved
    10. Free Update Online

    Kindly Note: Clients from Spain, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil please do not buy SEC-E9 from China, or your device will get locked, please buy from your local dealer.

    SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine Features:

    1. 8" capacitive tablet PC as display screen,operate quickly;smoothly,just one step for upgrade.
    2. 1:1 copy a plain-milling key through fuzzy detection for keys no deta in the machine.
    3. Built-in database, support key missing teeth inquiry;
    4. Light weight,small size,poertable for mobile,easy to work outside.
    5. Equipped with both decoder and cutter.Decoding and cutting can be done at one time.
    6. Interpretation and cutting can be completed at one time;
    7. Support plain milling key, face milling key, Allen key(F021), Stiletto key andCylinders key;
    8. Repair the wear keys to recover the original precision.
    9. One car key clamp supports to cut both standard keys and laser keys.
    10.Multiple optional clamps and assistant
    11.Clamps complete cutting household keys and special cars keys.
    12.Intersecting roller guide for X & Y axis.
    13.Professionla after-sale technical service,life time warranty & free upgrade service.
    14.Ball screw to drive Z axis makes cutting powerful and in high precision
    15.Cross roller guided XY axis makes machine more stable and accurate
    16.Spindle driven by two spindle belts;Powerful motor in 27W and DC 24V.
    17.Wide and bright LED light brings easily operation at night.
    18.Replaceable clamp can be changed according to the key types.
    19.Emergency stop switch Stable and reliable One press stop,Turn the switch to clockwise to swtich on and press it to switch off.
    20.Matte aluminum handle,Durable,anti-fingerprint.

    Quick Functions of SEC E9 Cutting Machine:

    Key data search
    Key cutting history
    Frequently used key data registration
    Last key
    Clamp calibration
    Tool length calibration
    Automatic setting of clamp origin
    Checking calibration value

    Two Ways to Enter Key Data:
    1. Search car manufacturer, model and manufacture year
    2. Search key blank or IC card

    Three Ways to Get Key Cuts:
    1. decode original keys
    2. Input key cuts
    3. Search key code

    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Car List:

    Acura/Alfa Romeo/Aston Martin/Auti/BMW/Bentley/Buick/Cadillac/Carryboy/Chevrolet/Chrysler/Citroen/Dacia/Daewoo/Daihatsu/Dodage/Eagle/Ferrari/Fiat/ Ford(Australia)/Ford(Europe,USA)/Fuso Trucks/GMC/Hino Truck/Holden/Honda/Hummer/Hyundai/Infiniti/Isuzu/Iveco/Jaguar/Jeep/Kia/LDV/Lamborghini/
    Lancia/Land Rover/Lexus/Lincoln/MAN Trucks/Mack Trucks/Maserati/Mazda/Mercedes/Mercury/Mini/Mitubishi/Neiman/Nissan/Opel/Peugeot/Plymouth/
    Pontiac/Porsche/Range Rover/Renault/Rolls Royce/Rover/Saab/Saturn/Scania/Scion/Seat/Skoda/Smart/Ssangyong/Subaru/Suzuki/Tata/Toyota/Triumph/
    Volkswagen/Volvo/Volvo Trucks

    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Household Key List:

    AGA/ASSA/ATP/AXA/Abloy/Absa/Abus(SD)/Ace/Alpha/American Padlock/Anchor/Anker/Ankerslot/Atal(SD)/Atala/BAB/BKS/BMB/BTV/Basta/Batu/
    Colomenca/Corbin(SD)/CorbinRusswin/Corni/Cyber Lock/Dad/Detex/Diebold/Difi/Diplomat/Doblina/Dom(SD)/Dorma/Dubois/E-Z-SET/ERA/Elgin/Emhart/Emka/Etna/Eurolocks/Eurospec/Evva/FAB/FB/FFFacchinetti/FPB/FTH/Falcon/Fama/Feb/Flambo/Fort(SD)/Fral/ GEGE/GHE/GSA/Gete/Goa/GuLi/Guard/GuervilleRiquier/Hafele/Henkna/Hobes/Hon/Hudson/Hurd/Huwil/IFAM/Ideal/Ikea/Iseo(SD)/ JCB/JPM/JinDianYuanZi/Jore/Junkunc/Padlock/Kaba(SD)/Kale/Kasp/Keiper/Kiferm/Kwikset/LaFonte/Lane/Las/Legge/Lips(SD)/Lista/ Litto/Lockwood/Lowe&Fletcher(SD)/MCM/MEFA/MLM/Marco/Marks/Master/Mauer/Maxus/Merit/Meroni(SD)/MetalRousseau/ Mippart/Miwa/National/Neiman/Nemef/Nobo/Norwalk/ODA/Omec/PYCM/Papaiz/Penn/Pfaffenhain/Prefer/Presta/Protec/QLP/ Riople/Ronis(SD)/Royal/Ruko/Runo/Russwin/SOS/STA(SD)/Sama/Santos/Sargent/Sargent&Greenleaf/Schlage/Securemme/ Securicraf/ShangHaiQiuJing/Showa/Siam/Sofi/Sperrkolb/Squire/Strafor/Strattec/Sul/Talon/Technal/Teka/Technal/Teka/Teknion/ Terca/TesaThomee/Touch/Trelock/TriMark/TrioVing/UAP/Unifor/Union/VIP/Vachette/Vario/Veronelli/Vinco/Viro/Weiser/Weslock/
    Whitco/Wigro/Wilka(SD)/Wilmont Breeden/Winkhaus(SD)/Yale(SD)/YueMa/Yvel/Zadi(SD)/Zwiss-Ikon

    SEC-E9 Punch Key List

    Esety/Ezcurra/FAC/FAG/GTV/Gerda/Goal/IFAM/Iseo/Kada/Kaken/Kale/Keso/Lince/Lips/Lock Focus/Lockman/M&C/M-loy/MCM/MLS/Magnum/Master/Mauer/Miwa/Mottura/Mul-T-Lock/Omec/Pfaffenhain/Potent/Royal/Guardian/STS/Securemme/Showa/Space/Squire/Tecon/Tesa/UCEM/Viro/WanJia/West/Wika/Winkhaus/Yale/Yardeni/Zadi

    SEC-E9 Motorcycle Key List:

    Aprilia/BMW Cycles/Ducati/Harley/Davidson/Honda Cycles/KTM/Kawasaki/Kymco Cycles/Moto Guzzi/Peugeot Cycles/Suzuki Cycles/Victory/Yamaha

    SEC-E9 Tubular Key List:


    SEC-E9 Automated Key Cutting Machine Specification:

    Product name: SEC-E9 Fully Automated Key Cutting Machine
    Product No.: SEC-E9
    Dimension: 255(W) * 360(H) * 340(D)m
    Weight: 19.5KG
    Resolution: XY: 0.005mm Z: 0.0015mm
    Spindle Revolution: 16000+rp
    Temperature: 0- 40
    Humidity: 10-90
    Usage : The duplicating and cutting of automobile keys and domestic key

    SEC-E9 CNC Key Cutting Machine Update Information:

    SEC-E9 Software Version:, DB Version:15.18 (2019-6-14)

    Improved system bugs

    Newly added key data includes:
    1. Toyota-Corolla 2015 VA2 8 cuts laser key (IC card 1423)
    2. Ford-Fiesta 2017 HU198T 10cuts inner groove laser key (IC card 1434)
    3. Dacia /Renault HU136 8cuts double side key (IC card 1891)
    4. New Volkswagen and Audi HU162t 10cuts (IC card 1421)
    5. Mazda 10cuts double side key (IC card 20131)
    6. Mercedes HU64 key (IC card 20123)
    7. Lada single-side key and double side key and code
    8 .Triumph motorcycle key and code

    Improved key data includes:
    1. Improve Lexus, Chevrolet , Subaru menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.
    2. Improve Lexus, Chevrote, subaru key and key code
    3. Improve Arco Rifkin (Rifkin),Rolls-Royce, MG, Ssangyong, House key, Aprilia (motorcycle) code

    SEC-E9 CNC Key Cutting Machine Update (2018-12-10)
    Software version is, Database version is 15.16.

    Newly added key data includes:
    1. YM23 8-cut(IC card 1896)key
    2. FIAT 500L key and key code
    3. ONDA motorcycle CB150 key
    4. Oldsmobile, Mahindra, maruti key and key code

    Improved key data includes:
    1. Improved Hyundai,Kia,Toyota menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.
    2. Hyundai,Kia,Toyota key and key code
    3. HONDA(IC card 982)key code
    4. Mitsubishi,Maserati,Chevrolet key code
    1. Please keep the Wifi conncted when upgrade
    2. Please keep the network smooth
    3. Please do not turn off tablet PC when upgrading
    4. Please do not operate the tablet PC when downloading the upgrade files.
    5. Please disconnect Wifi after upgrade is done. ( otherwise the system will generate garbage when tablet PC updates automatically . Also cause the system to run slowly.)

    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Standard Package:

    Contents Purpose
    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Key cutting and duplication
    Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 SN-CP-JJ-05 for Cutting Ford and Jaguar Keys SN-CP-JJ-05
    SN-CP-JJ-12 HU66 Clamp Auxiliary Clamp, support to cut HU66 like VW, Audi
    Standard Clamp SN-CP-JJ-01 For car keys fixing and cutting
    Cutter Tool for key cutting
    Decoder Key decoding(copying)
    T wrench Tool replacment
    M5 bolt Cutter and decoder fixing
    Stopper Key reference position guide
    Calibration block To Calibrate the clamp
    24V Adapter Power supply input 100-240V, 50/60Hz output 24.OV 5A
    Spindle belt Ensure high-torque key cutting
    User manual Product Manual


    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine FAQs:

    Q: Can the SEC-E9 machine cut household keys?
    A: definitely yes!

    Q: Condor mini cannot support the moto key; SEC-E9 support that?
    A: Yes, SEC-E9 can cut motorbike keys without issues.

    Q: What's the different between Condor key cutting machine and SEC-E9?
    A: SEC-E9 can cut motorcycle keys and household keys that Condor cannot support.

    SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Reviews:
    Reviews 1:
    SEC-E9 key cutting machine is used for cutting car keys and household keys. It covers cylinder and laser keys with adapters for other key styles.Computerized Electronic Automobile Key Cutting Machine, different with traditional key cutting machine,easy to operate and copy.

    Reviews 2:
    Sec-e9 fully automatic key cutting support cut 99% car keys, including standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Opel,etc. It also supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and more.Mainly applied to automobile key cutting and duplicating, especially for most foreign car key blanks(including ford tibbe), and household keys, standard key(edge or doubled-sided non laser keys).

    Review 3:
    SEC-E9 machine is working fine,my sister in law they are going to regret not buying it.Cause the machine is good and a good price.Later they going to see that they could have have it.

    Review 4:
    We reveived everything and cut may first key in it.Work perfect;Thank you for all the good tips.Keep up the good job you are the best.

    Review 5:
    We recently purchased a futura machine too,but we still use sec-e9,because sec e9 is faster and very smooth.now that we do is ofr indian brands we get the bitting codes from futura and cut keys using sec e9.

    Review 6:
    As you know,we're have been using the SEC-E9 for a few months and we've enjoyed the product.Do you have any specials currently,running?I would like to know the price for an additional SEC-E9.


    CNC Car Key Programmer Android Tablet Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Clamp 2019 SEC-E9


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